Project Control Services


The birth of Golden Ratio Estimating in 2007, was driven by the need to provide alternative solutions to the problems in cost estimation, and to develop and improve methods to help our industry. We have a passion for cost estimation, and go above and beyond to build better estimates. We strive every day to learn and improve new methods to reduce the laborious activities in computing estimates. We have come up with models for seamless integration of external services to internal departments, to focus on project predictability together. Our concentration is on tangible value addition, where creative and innovative ways will lead us to greater heights in cost predictability. We now are bringing all this expertise into Project Controls and Project Management Services. With this expansion in services we position ourselves as a cost effective and dynamic one stop solution for all your project management services needs.

Expert in beating the tight deadlines. Demonstrated technology and methods that produce results significantly faster and accurate then conventional approach.


Result centric team of professional and knowledgeable network. Members that come equipped with modern gear, right tools and associated infrastructure.

We help clients, transfer fixed costs of permanent resources to variable costs also known as project-direct-cost; this model optimizes the proration of chargeable project activities and ultimately balance and improves the company’s operational leverage.

Established track record for landing 100% within estimate range. Our comprehensive database, which is constantly updated and calibrated, is the leading factor for value addition to our clients.

Instant access to go-by samples including, risk models, guidelines, change management, templets, benchmarking, and coding structures; essentially entire project cost management framework. Along with the access to our comprehensive in-house databank, access to public domain data sets of Richardson, JS Page, RSMeans, NECA, GAO, Allpriser, Compass...

ACCE, Hard Dollar, Candy, Cleopatra, @Risk, Crystal Ball, Pertmaster, Auto CAD, Navisworks, MS Project, Primavera, SAP, Wrench, Prism, EcoSys, MS Access, Oracle, SQL Server, Visual Studio, Visual Basic for Applications, .NET, Project Code Mapping, Project Data and Systems Integration.

Uneven workload is one of the major cause for “fat” budgets. Unlike in manufacturing, where idle workers are a clear sign of broken processes; waste is typically hidden when it comes to services. Our lean model optimizes visual management, quality, work flow, and autonomy at the same time reduces complexity; breaks the inertia where complex and redundant work is given to computer systems which can process data more reliably and significantly faster than human. Remove any exceptions from the general process and have specialists handle it. Specialists, who are consistently striving for creativity and ingenuity!

Why Golden Ratio

Since we serve multiple clients for their numerous projects, thus our database by nature is more comprehensive. Which, ultimately interprets in higher cost predictability. Including material pricing, construction costs, subcontract costs and project indirect costs.

Another major competitive advantage, we have at Golden Ratio Estimating is our own tools developed by cost estimation and project controls professionals. Unlike, off-the-shelf tools designed by software companies, who do not have understanding for intricacies involved in cost estimation and project controls, offer one-size-fits-all solutions. Leveraging off of our functional in-house tools, we provide estimation database solutions, tailored to the unique needs for individual organization. We also support project data integration for corporate tools.