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Facilities Estimation

Facilities (Plant) Cost Estimation

Anything beside the Pipelines and High Voltage Transmission lines, we consider it as a plant or facility. Our estimates are grouped by each engineering discipline, often referred to as prime accounts, and details are further sub-divided under each discipline. An example for civil account will be clearing, excavation, grading, piling, and so on.

NORM or chart hours for construction or installation, are the combination from cost data online aka Richardson, R S Means, John S Page aka Pagination, Compass, and Others. However, key elements to the accuracy of our estimates are, in-house structured historic data, benchmarks, location and productivity factors, we have developed in-house over the decades and are calibrated very frequently.

Some areas of our expertise are:
Oil Sands Mining (in-pit / in-situ), OPP (ore preparation plants), Bitumen Extraction, Froth Treatment, Bitumen Upgrading, ASP (Alkaline Surfactant Polymer), Oil Batteries, SAGD (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage), well Pads, and Tailing Management (coarse and fine including ponds). Oil Refineries, Processing Plants, Plant Sustaining Projects, Demolition and Decommissioning Projects, Power Generation and Transmission, Compressor Stations, Pump Stations, and Meter Stations. Natural Gas Storage, Gas Processing and Treatment Plants, GTL (gas to liquid) Plants, LNG (liquefied natural gas) Facilities and Terminals, Tank Farms and Oil Depot. ROT (rule of thumb) charts development for Compress, Pump, and Power stations.

Along with preparing facilities estimates, we also supply and support facilities estimating tools. Our tools are developed in-house by seasoned estimating professionals. Most of our tools are interactive and developed using MS Excel combined with VBA (visual basic for application) for small applications. Where for large enterprise type use we have used MS Access database. The cost estimation database architecture is easily for translated for server based applications like SQL Server or SQL. As most organizations have unique code of accounts (COA), work breakdown structure (WBS), and/or cost breakdown structure (CBS); format for all of our estimates are designed with the flexibility to map virtually any coding structure. This way quantities and cost can easily be tracked, even if the client is not using integrated systems to control their project cost.

Our facilities estimation tool are proven to increase estimating productivity up to 70%, please see the demo for details.


facilities estimation
facilities estimation
facilities estimation