Our team of professionals have decades of experience in multiple organizations. From senior project controls and estimating managers to technical specialist. Hand on project controls and estimating. This is not only a staffing solution, we bring value. Virtual Project Controls and Estimating Department. Eliminate turnover and down time. We interface with your organization to increase project controls and estimating capabilities. See us as your spare wheel. Whether you have procedures and processes available or want to use ours, our company adapts fast.

Resource Augmentation

  Short and Long-Term Resources

  Contract Hiring


Our result centric model, optimize the scalability of resources and subsequently reduce management overheads. Companies with no project controls or estimation departments, overcome the lack of internal capabilities to complete critical tasks.

There is an increasing drive to reduce costs and improve functioning efficiency. Companies are purchasing resources, ideally high quality resources, but not results. Finding specialized talent can often be a challenge, our resource augmentation service help leaders clear project hurdles and build momentum when needed most.

We strive to adopt, maintain, and improve industry best practices. Simply, by hiring Golden Ratio Estimating our clients get alignment with industry best practices and an opportunity to improve industry benchmarks.