Railway Estimation

Railway Estimation

Railway Estimation

Railway is typically divided into the following major categories: Heavy Rail (Freight Trains), LRT (Light Rail Transit), Commuter Rail (Passengers), Subway Rail (Underground), and AMP (Automated People Movers). Operating principles for each category is essentially the same. However, the operating technology is being upgraded from ABS (automatic block signaling), CTC (centralized traffic control), CTBC (communication based train control), to PTC (positive train control) at a much faster scale than ever before. While trains are becoming driver-less, soon RTC (rail traffic control) will be fully automated unmanned system.

Project structure for railway is unique to each company. Common division is as follow: S&C (Signaling and Communication), Grade Separation (Crossings), Track (main track and spurs), Bridges, Stations, Train Parking (layovers, storage, depot), and Maintenance Facilities.

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