December 18, 2012


Welcome to Golden Ratio Estimating, an organization that is committed to change the face of project cost estimation. Our aim is to open up a new world where guess work is eliminated, and the integrity of estimates is taken to its highest level. Our company is a great alternative to the cost heavy, inflexible, integrated setup. Our business model is another perspective to be considered!

Why the name Golden Ratio?
The Golden Ratio is an equation that describes the makeup of nature and the world around us. It is also a symbol- the epitome of consciousness. The conscious minds are the minds that see the world differently; they see the organization in nature, the beauty in numbers, and the potential in problems to become solutions. The Golden Ratio reveals a set pattern that is embedded everywhere, from ecology to the economy, where it has helped us compute more predictable outcomes. The simple equation of the Golden Ratio has charmed us all: artists to architects and biologists to mathematicians. Golden Ratio Estimating was chosen for our name because we look for answers beyond the surface. There are better ways to do estimate than what meets the eye, just as there is more order in nature than we tend to think. The symbol Phi ‘Φ’ is composed of the letter ‘I’ layered with the letter “O”, where ‘I’ links to information and ‘O’ with the circle of integration. In other words, the Golden Ratio divides the sum into its parts to be analyzed the right way. This also reveals how much information is integrated, a system that is a reflection of our own cognitive processes.

We are the service provider to the industry leaders who like to challenge the status quo; the managers who step beyond their level of comfort and look into alternatives to improve their estimation processes and the projects they are involved in.

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